Hepburn and Leigh

Mix and match!

Posted 12/09/2013 at 21:57

Maybe you like a skimpy knicker, but you also love a 6 strap suspender belt. Or you want a cage bra and a girdle. We know that you’re a pretty ingenious group, so you often buy items across a few of our brands or styles.

This Autumn looks like an especially great season for that – plenty of black and cream to go with your basics, but tons of pinks, purples and fuchsias, and flashes of teal and petrol.

So! We want to see your best mix and match combination.

Preferably on you, but you could use a mannequin or come up with some inspirational way to display things too.

There are some fantastic tips from Kiss Me Deadly on how to take a picture of yourself – without showing your identity – here.

We’ll be collecting entries for the next two months, so the deadline is November the 15th,

The rules are:

take a picture of your best mix and match combination of lingerie and/or swimwear – it must be mostly or all things you can or have bought from Hepburn and Leigh.

Email your picture to me at ema@hepburnandleigh.co.uk.

Of course, since we’ll be posting them to our Facebook and similar, maybe avoid the ouvert knickers we did last year!


The Prize: There will be a £300 voucher for the best mix and match photo, £50 to 3 runners up, and we’ll be sending a small voucher to everyone who takes part.

To help you along in your mix and match project, there are a few styles in our last chance to buy section that are now discounted as they older limited edition styles that are running out!

The Vamp multiway bra makes a great retro mix and match to anything with a black trim, or how about the Coco with peach styles from previous years?