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Welcome to our new website!

by Catherine Clavering September 10, 2016 0 Comments

We're very excited to have moved to a new website and new software! I won't bore you with the details, but I'm sure you'd all noticed that our old site didn't work very well on mobiles, tablets and so on - and plenty of us are using those.

We're now with Shopify, which gives us a completely new and different set of technical problems, but we think means the site is much easier to use!

Everything else stays the same - we're still here for any special queries, bringing your the best of independent and niche lingerie brands, styles and sizes that are hard to find in stores these days.

When you email us, you're most likely to get a reply from Lydia, shown here accepting an award for Kiss Me Deadly. Lydia has also worked for Playful Promises in the past and has been an actress and burlesque performer, so whether it's logistics or product details, she's got a thorough grounding!


If you're chatting online with us, you're most likely to be talking to Maz. Maz has been working with small lingerie brands in the UK for many years, and is also a model, so you'll see her and Lydia collborating on shoots to see what the best outfits are!

And of course, if you're very unlucky, you'll end up with me. I started Kiss Me Deadly over a decade ago, so I'm liable to tell you in vast depth about things if you start with a simple question. I'd advise against it! But I occasionally have some fun garment ideas, so I have my upsides.

If you spot any problems with the new sites or find any glitches, let us know! We're still learning our way round shopify so constructive feedback is useful.

Catherine Clavering
Catherine Clavering