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Bon voyage to our social media coordinator Maz!

by Catherine Clavering July 04, 2019 0 Comments

It's with great sadness that are bidding adieu to our wonderful social media mademoiselle Maz for the foreseeable. She's going to be concentrating on her work with our friends over at Playful Promises for a bit, which is good news for Mazfans as it means she'll hopefully still be popping up from time to time on the blog and Facebook :)  Here's a throwback to our group trip to St Leonards recently with Maz demonstrating different styles under clothing.

The Bettie Page retro-futuristic bullet bra and Kiss Me Deadly roll-on girdle - the points were less sticky-outy than we thought they'd be!

The Shaping Corsolette, also from Bettie Page, gave a sleek and smooth shape under a blouse and skirt.

This forthcoming style from Kiss Me Deadly is a reversible teddy - it can also be worn back-to-front! - and gave a little pop of colour peeking out from under the blouse. 

Finally, the Basbleu quarter cup bra from Kiss Me Deadly, daringly paired with pasties and Teal French Knickers from Playful Promises presents a perky silhouette with an airy undercarriage! Oh my! 

Outerwear provided by our friend, the designer Philmore Clague  and shot at his shop in Hastings :) 


Catherine Clavering
Catherine Clavering