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Covering yet enticing boudoir outfits

by Maz Spencer February 13, 2018 0 Comments

There is a rumour going round about big knickers not being pretty ("granny pants") - a notion I totally disagree with; the bigger the better! Moreover, if like me you don't like your mid-section much, they are a godsend. As Valentine's Day is almost upon us, I thought it'd be fun to show a few boudoir outfits where the tummy is mostly covered up. I hope this provides a little inspiration!


I love the classic tuxedo look (and androgynous clothing in general), but thought it might be a little different to 'pink it up' a tad - the opposite of a Halloween look I'd done before. The cupless Vargas dress in peach from Kiss Me Deadly works brilliantly with their Dietrich cropped waistcoat (now on sale!). I accessorised with vintage ivory gloves and stockings, and shoes by Natacha Marro.


Babydoll from Bettie Page Lingerie with faux marabou trim - you don't need anything else with that - just Champagne and a pearl necklace!! A-line babydolls can hide a multitude of sins whilst remaining pretty and floaty, especially when they're gently sheer like this one (sadly now out of stock).

Back view for shits and giggles...


A classic all-black look, but with added pin-up playfulness! I paired Kiss Me Deadly's much-loved high waisted ruffled knickers (colloquially known as the Rufflebutt - I've praised it before here because it's great!) with Bettie Page Lingerie's black bullet bra to keep it 50s and cheesecake.


If you like bodysuits but are on the tall side, you'll know that they're often too short in the torso. Enters this Kiss Me Deadly set (now on sale!): the longline bra and (very) high waist briefs pretty much meet in the middle and I just added a red belt to hide the 'joint' (this one is from Vivien of Holloway). I finished off the look with a glitter choker from Prong Jewellery and a pair of leather mitts found on Portobello Market.


Finally, if you're a true Deadly, chances are you favour blues & greens over pinks & reds. The Basbleu set is rather fabulous as it combines an outrageously revealing quarter cup bra with VERY big pants! I didn't have KMD's crystal pasties to hand when taking the picture, so I used these glitter & sequin ones from Prong Jewellery instead.


I could have gone on for another decade because I do enjoy dressing up, especially lingerie looks, but time is an issue. I hope you enjoyed my little selection. How do you style and accessorise your lingerie and nightwear?


Maz Spencer
Maz Spencer