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Returns, made to order items and postage deadline for Christmas 2017

by Catherine Clavering October 30, 2017 0 Comments

Christmas deadlines are very pesky, but they are heading our way fast. Now, the most important thing to know is that from the 22nd December through to the 5th January, both the warehouse and customer service are away. Please don't panic if you don't get an email response or your return isn't acknowledged - we will clear the backlog when we return.


Nearer The Moon,   Rose Noir Latex, and made to order capes, corsets and nightwear need to be ordered as soon as possible.  That's because they are made by individual people and there's a limit to how much work Tilly, Rose and Lou can take on.


Please remember that anything by PP needs a week or possibly two extra to arrive.
Both the warehouse and customer services are not staffed between the 22nd December to the 5th January inclusive, which is basically because we're a very small company and have families to see. Please don't panic; the absence of reply doesn't mean we are fraudsters out to get you, it's simply that there are so few posting days between national holidays during this period that it was the best time for us all to take a break. Someone will still accept returned parcels at the office, they just won't be processed for a while.


For any orders placed between 24th November and 24th December, we're waiving our usual 14-day returns policy.

We know it's difficult to hit deadlines AND fit into the normal returns policy, so, we'll be flexible to make that work

If items don't fit, aren't right, or something else isn't working, just get in touch with us before the 13th January and we'll arrange an exchange, voucher or refund for you depending on the circumstances. As usual, please be aware that we can't accept returned stockings unless they are unopened and unworn, and may refuse returns on made to order items. Outside of that period, be aware that though we can refuse returns, if you ask nicely we will often accept them as long as it's for a gift voucher and the items are fit for resale.


Please bear in mind that we can't guarantee a delivery date for any order - we rely on national postal services, which may be disrupted without warning. These dates are only guidelines, and we do our best.

The postage guidelines Royal Mail have sent are as follows; order IN STOCK ITEMS by midday on the following dates, preferably by 9am GMT.

Outside of the UK:

Friday 1st December for Africa, Middle East

Wednesday 6th December for Asia, Cyprus, Far East, Eastern Europe (except Czech Republic, Poland)

Thursday 7th December for Caribbean, Central and South America

Friday 8th December for Australia, Greece, New Zealand

Wednesday 13th December for Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Poland

Thursday 14th December for Canada, Finland, Sweden, USA

Friday 15th December for Austria, Denmark, Iceland, Portugal, Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg

Within the UK:

Tuesday 19th December

After that we can still dispatch, but to get it there in time you will have to pay for special delivery/couriers.


Catherine Clavering
Catherine Clavering


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