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We are still delivering - but slowly

by Catherine Clavering May 23, 2020 0 Comments

Pictured; Lou, our self-employed corsetiere.

Hepburn and Leigh is a small offshoot off an also small brand, run by someone with chronic illness. As such, there are very few people involved and they usually work from home. Meanwhile, the warehouse we use has reduced to a skeleton staff and are keeping the required distance and so on, but as part of key supply chains for some things they are not, as yet, required to close completely.

Most people involved either directly or as suppliers are independent brands; many of us fall between the gaps in the goverments and so we very much appreciate those of you who are able to placing orders during this time.

Due to skeleton staffing and limitations on delivery services, orders may be slower to dispatch than usual, and do please check that your country is accepting incoming goods from the UK via your domestic postal services.

We will be extending the returns period to 60 days from receipt of your goods.

We wish you all well and do please stay safe.

Catherine Clavering
Catherine Clavering