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Ava Corsetry

Ava Corsetry is a small independent corsetry brand based in the UK. Mostly making to order, the team create show-stopping silhouettes through the magic of traditional steel boned corsets, with a touch of sparkle. Sophisticated elegance at its best.

Corsets are sized very differently to other lingerie garments. They are none stretch, and they fit through a combination of the pattern, fabric and flexible boning.

Corsets are sized by waist inches.  If you haven't worn a corset before, measure your waist with a tape measure and deduct 4” to 6”, this will set your corset size. 

For example, if you have a waist of 28”, then you will wear a 24” corset with a small gap or no gap at all.  If you wish to be laced tighter, or are keen for a slight gap at the back of the corset (the modesty panel will accommodate this so no need to worry about skin showing), or intend to lose weight, then you could also wear a 22” corset.

Please don't order a corset that will have more than a 3 inch gap as this can damage your corset - and is also likely to be uncomfortable. More muscular people often find that they can reduce yet, so for the athletic of build, err on the side of caution.

If you have worn a corset before then feel free to order your usual size; bear in mind that Ava patterns generally manage more waist reduction than most out there.

The overbust corsets best fit a C-E cup range. Padding can be used for smaller cups, or contact us if you are over this range.