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Elila delivers sexy, supportive, every day pieces for the full-figured woman. A US independent brand, they are difficult to find in the UK, but offer a huge size range (34-54 B-N in some styles) in some amazingly use pieces, like the strapless low back basque or bridal bustier.

However, if you are a US or Canadian customer, we would recommend finding them in your own country, for the sake of your budget!

Elila use the old fashioned plus 4 method, which means your back size will be whatever your underbust measures, PLUS FOUR INCHES.

So for example if you means 34 inches under your bust, your back size will be a 38.

To get your band size: wrap the tape measure around your underbust, keeping the tape measure parallel with the ground and under your bust. Relax, breath out and look at the measurement. If the number is odd add 5” if it is even add 4”. (35 +5 = 40, 36 +4 = 40

To get your cup size:  wrap the tape measure around your back so it comes around the fullest part of your bust, be sure the tape measure is at the same height both at the front and the back i.e. parallel to the ground.

Cup size number – back size number = number on our chart to determine your cup size.

Example: If your band measures 40 and the cup measures 48 then 48-40= 8” Therefore your size is a 40H.  If you know you like your bras tight, go a size down and a cup size up.

Cup (inches) 1   2   3   4   5 7   8   9   10  11  12  13  14
Elila A B C D E/DD F G H I J K L M N


Elila Size Dress size Hip (In Waist(In
L UK14-16/EU42-44/US10-12  39-40 29-30
XL UK18-20/EU46-48/US14-16  41-42 31-32
2XL UK22-24/EU50-52/US18-20  43-44 33-34
3XL UK26-28/EU54-56/US22-24  45-46 35-36
4XL UK30-32/EU58-60/US26-28  47-48 37-38
5XL UK34-36/EU62-64/US30-32  49-50 39-40